Combophoto: Corona AM

CombophotoThis assignment took a LONG time to complete. And unlike the past assignments, it wasn’t just the initial brainstorming stage that made it so time-consuming, but every stage. It was extremely difficult to imagine two objects that could fit seamlessly together, especially given an unlimited number of objects to choose from. I changed ideas probably a dozen times until I finally landed on this one. The idea finally entered my mind when I stopped trying to think of images and started trying to think of a story, or in this case a joke. As a student on a college campus, the idea of drinking (and hangovers) came to mind, and I eventually made the comparison of a can of beer to a bottle of Advil. Even with the idea in mind, the combination process was extremely difficult. I mixed-and-matched a number of beer cans before coming across a can that resembled an Advil bottle in size and color-scheme: the Corona Extra can. I am really happy with how it turned out, though I do wish I could have found a higher-resolution image of the Advil bottle, and I definitely think I could have come up with a more clever name!


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