Sunday Sketches: Elephant R&B

IMG_1491 2

The most difficult part of this assignment was trying to conceptualize what drawing and what inanimate object I could pair together to form a cohesive sketch. Automatically, I kept trying to use a “top-down” thinking process, in which I would produce my drawing and then incorporate an object into my sketch. But I quickly discovered that when reversing this strategy, ideas came to mind far more easily. Because I was listening to music prior to working on this assignment, I decided to take out my earbuds and rest them on the page. I tried placing them in different orientations, and when I had both earbuds positioned with the speaker-side facing upward, they reminded me of eyes. More specifically, for reasons I don’t undertand, they reminded me of elephant eyes. So I decided to role with it and began drawing an elephant (which I had drawn before) around the earbuds. Soon enough this strange work of art came to life!


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